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Question [Apr. 30th, 2007|10:02 pm]
Geeks interested in Communications Technology


I am working on a television project where I need to throw together a new room looking set and I wanted to know if anyone could throw me any tips and tricks to make a professional looking newscast on a tight budget. I am looking to have a stylish desk with room for 3 people. I am based in London so should I look into finding a set designer? Student set designer?

[User Picture]From: achernow
2007-05-01 04:34 am (UTC)
Well.. Something like this is an example of a news set done on a tight budget:

It's what Marquette University's student station was using when I left. (I believe it's since been upgraded due to the installation of high-definition cameras in their studios).

The whole set is movable and can be reconfigured for different shows, if needed. There are 4 of those back columns (though 2 are shown in each pictures) and there is an LCD monitor for reporter stand-ups, that however, was donated to MUTV by the campus art museum after they were done with a multi-media exhibit that was using several of those displays.

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