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Hi all, this LJ is devoted to discussion between MediaGeeks! Mediageeks are those who work in media, wish to work in media, show great geekly devotion to a certain media form, and/or are obsessively creating media as a hobby. Those who are TECHs at heart! We are geeks who are not so concerned with HOW technology works, as HOW technology can allow us to express our passion.

What qualifies as media? *Frowns* Maybe you don't belong here ... Media: Film, Graphic Art, Internet (as communication), Literature, Magazines, Movies, News, Newspapers, Photography, Theater, etc.

We'll be discussing getting jobs, trends and news in media, why we love media, acquiring software to create media and GEEK CULTURE!

1. When you JOIN, please post a comment.
2. In your first post, tell us what skills and experience you have.
3. *Twitch* (Not so much a rule as a guideline)
4. The moderator is always right.
5. In cases where the moderator is wrong, see rule number four [4].
6. Sarcasm is ALWAYS appreciated.
7. Damn you! LAUGH when I am witty!